Research Projects (LSSG)

The Large-scale Sustainable Systems Group (LSSG) explores critical systems research questions underlying sustainable, scalable large-scale systems, including cloud, high performance, edge, and mobile/IoT computing. These systems have billions of elements, exabytes of data, and endemic impact on social, consumer, government, and scientific applications of unprecedented scale. Specific interests include renewable energy, carbon emissions, sustainability, cloud software, resource management, hardware and system architecture, and applications. LSSG is led by Professor Andrew A. Chien

Current projects:

Prior Research Projects: Global View Resilience (GVR): flexible resilience at scale, Polyceph: (Distributed Perceptual (3D) Computing), Blockus (Scalable Graph data analytics), OptIPuter (Cloud and Grid Systems, Data-center storage and Dark-fiber WAN's), Fast Messages (cluster/data-center networking), Concert (Efficient Object-oriented programming), and parallel interconnection networks (computer architecture).

Old Pages: For more background, you can also see Andrew's old CSAG Site

Funding: The Large-Scale Systems Group gratefully acknowledges support from the NSF, DOE, DARPA, Huawei, Citadel, NetApp, Hewlett-Packard, Qualcomm, Nvidia, Agilent, Samsung, Intel, Google, and Keysight.

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