Ankan Saha

I am currently part of the AI org in LinkedIn where I joined as an Applied researcher after graduation.

Of late, my interests have mostly been in various applied machine learning problems at web-scale.
At LinkedIn, I have worked on problems spanning Feed Ranking, Edge recommendation, Jobs Recommendation and Search,
generation of Machine Learning features and different modeling problems connecting and spanning
all of these areas. I am also gradually getting interested in the application of Reinforcement Learning
in Web Applications as well as ML problems in Online marketplaces.

I graduated from the department of Computer Science at the University of Chicago in July 2013. I was very fortunate to be advised by Prof. John Lafferty.
I also worked very closely with Prof. SVN Vishwanathan.
Partha Niyogi will always be the master.

I am also broadly interested in topics related to the interplay between (Convex) Optimization and Machine Learning and their applications in Information Retrieval and Social Media.
In grad school, I had also worked on various areas of Machine learning including optimization of surrogate losses and online learning.
I also dabble with Learning Theory, Computational Geometry and Social Learning at times.

Please contact me at the email address below.

concatenation of the first letter of my first name and my last name [AT] linkedin [dot] com

Work Experience


Teaching Assistant for the following courses Fun Stuff
I used to organize the CS Grad Pizza Seminar at UChicago last year. Drop me an email if you want to give a talk.