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ML 05: Accepted Submissions

A Library for Self-Adjusting Computation
  Umut A. Acar, Guy Blelloch, Matthias Blume, Robert Harper, Kanat Tangwongsan
A Type-Safe Embedding of XDuce into ML
  Kenny Zhuo Ming Lu and Martin Sulzmann
An Applicative Control-Flow Graph Based on Huet’s Zipper
  Norman Ramsey and Joao Dias
An overview of alphaCaml
  Francois Pottier
Fresh O'Caml: nominal abstract syntax for the masses
  Mark R. Shinwell
Generic Pickling and Minimization
  Guido Tack, Leif Kornstaedt, Gert Smolka
Initializing Mutually Referential Abstract Objects: The Value Recursion Challenge
  Don Syme
ML Module Mania: A Type-Safe, Separately Compiled, Extensible Interpreter
  Norman Ramsey
Practical Datatype Specializations with Phantom Types and Recursion Schemes
  Matthew Fluet Riccardo Pucella
Towards efficient, typed LR parsers
  François Pottier and Yann Régis-Gianas

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