"Provisioning Computational Resources Using Virtual Machines and Leases"
Borja Sotomayor, University of Chicago, August 2010
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My dissertation deals, in a nutshell, with how to schedule virtual machines in a distributed system (such as a cluster) to support multiple resource provisioning scenarios (such as the combination of best-effort provisioning and advance reservations) simultaneously and efficiently. For more details, read the abstract or Chapter 1 ("Introduction") of the dissertation. The introduction provides a high-level overview of the research questions I address in my doctoral work, and should (hopefully) be readable by any technical layperson.

Besides the PDF of my dissertation, in this page you will find a list of errata and all the data and scripts necessary to reproduce the results presented in my dissertation (the process to do this is described in Appendix A of the text). The open source project developed during my PhD, Haizea, lives on a separate page.

If you have any questions on my dissertation, or are interested in addressing some of the future work described in it, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Experimental data

The following are the files referenced in Appendix A of the dissertation:


Chapter 5 - Scheduling Disk Image Transfers

Appendix A - Reproducibility of Results