Other Activities

Student Activities

I am the faculty advisor to the CS department’s student organizations:

Make sure to check them out; they run amazing events throughout the year!

Programming Contests

I am very active in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), the world’s largest and oldest computer programming competition. I am the University of Chicago’s ICPC coach and, every year, I coach three or four teams for the ICPC Mid-Central USA regional contest (I also serve as Director of Systems for that region). I am also the director of the North American Invitational Programming Contest, a competition open to the North American teams that qualify for the World Finals of the ICPC.

Are you a UChicago student interested in participating in ICPC? In general, the best time to start getting involved in ICPC is in the Spring. Our “ICPC year” generally follows this pattern:

  • Early Spring Quarter: Recruitment of new teams, and training for UChicago tryouts.
  • Late Spring Quarter: UChicago Tryouts, to determine what teams will advance to the Mid-Central USA regionals.
  • Early Fall Quarter: Training for regionals.
  • First weekend of November: Mid-Central USA regionals.
  • Winter Quarter: Training for World Finals (if UChicago qualified)
  • Early Spring Quarter: ICPC World Finals

Practice contests are held in CSIL and are open to everyone, not just ICPC contestants. If you would like to learn more about ICPC, or are interested in participating in ICPC, please feel free to reach out over e-mail. You you should also get on the acm-contests mailing list, so you can get announcements of upcoming practices, contests, etc.