Brian Hempel
Ryerson 178

3rd year Ph.D. student. I like building things, so I'm researching programming languages at the University of Chicago. More specifically: can we augment programming with direct manipulation interactions?

My advisor is Ravi Chugh.


Let's make programming great again.


I currently (March 2018) work on Sketch-n-Sketch, a direct manipulation programming system. There's some videos, a demo, and code online.

Presentation at UIST 2016


Deuce: A Lightweight User Interface for Structured Editing. Brian Hempel, Justin Lubin, Grace Lu, and Ravi Chugh. ICSE 2018. To Appear.

Semi-Automated SVG Programming via Direct Manipulation. Brian Hempel, Ravi Chugh. UIST 2016. (slides) (video)

Programmatic and Direct Manipulation, Together at Last. Ravi Chugh, Brian Hempel, Mitchell Spradlin, Jacob Albers. PLDI 2016. (slides) (video)


LIVE 2018 Program Committee

PLDI 2018 Artifact Evaluation Committee

Faster Elm 0.18 Compiler

The Elm 0.18 exhaustiveness checker has exponential complexity for certain case statements. The following patched versions of elm-make tame this explosion somewhat and reduce Sketch-n-Sketch build times by 5x (or more). More nominal cases might see some slowdown instead of a speedup.

Replace your elm-make executable with one of the following binaries:


Humanity and the Limits of Computers

Computers can't pray.

Technical progress is not moral progress.

As your loved one dies, would you rather than a robot hold their hand?

Quantitative Work Ethic

Based on my personal time logs, I am currently 1.1% above the rate required to hit a target of 1879 hours this year. Details