Connor Imes

Connor Imes

University of Chicago

Ph.D., Computer Science

About Me

I am now a Computer Scientist at the USC Information Sciences Institute, Computational Systems and Technology division in Arlington, VA!

I completed my Ph.D. in Computer Science in June 2018 under Hank Hoffmann as a member of the Systems Group and the Self-aware Computing project. Read about some of our group's work on Crunchbase News. Prior to attending graduate school, I worked for five years in industry as a software engineer.

My graduate research addresses managing performance and power/energy in complex systems using feedback control, machine learning, and optimization techniques. I'm interested in developing abstractions for integrating resource management solutions with modern software designs. My work impacts systems ranging from embedded real-time to large-scale distributed, High Performance Computing, and cloud architectures.


Handing DVFS to Hardware: Using Power Capping to Control Software Performance

Connor Imes, Huazhe Zhang, Kevin Zhao, and Henry Hoffmann
Technical Report TR-2018-03. University of Chicago, Department of Computer Science. 2018.

      CoPPer projects:

Controlling AI Engines in Dynamic Environments [pdf]

Nikita Mishra, Connor Imes, John Lafferty, and Henry Hoffmann
SysML Conference 2018

CALOREE: Learning Control for Predictable Latency and Low Energy [doi, ACM]

Nikita Mishra, Connor Imes, John Lafferty, and Henry Hoffmann
International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS) 2018

      Technical Report: TR-2016-10

Poster: Energy Efficiency in HPC with Machine Learning and Control Theory

Connor Imes, Steven Hofmeyr, and Henry Hoffmann
SuperComputing (SC) 2017

A Portable Interface for Runtime Energy Monitoring [doi, ACM]

Connor Imes, Lars Bergstrom, and Henry Hoffmann
International Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE) 2016

      Extended Analysis: TR-2016-08
      EnergyMon projects:

Portable Multicore Resource Management for Applications with Performance Constraints [doi]

Connor Imes, David H. K. Kim, Martina Maggio, and Henry Hoffmann
International Symposium on Embedded Multicore/Many-core Systems-on-Chip (MCSoC) 2016

Bard: A Unified Framework for Managing Soft Timing and Power Constraints [doi, pdf]

Connor Imes and Henry Hoffmann
International Conference on Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures, Modeling and Simulation (SAMOS) 2016

      Poster at DAC 2016.

Racing and Pacing to Idle: Multicore Energy Optimization Under Performance Constraints [doi, pdf]

David H. K. Kim, Connor Imes, and Henry Hoffmann
Cyber-Physical Systems, Networks, and Applications (CPSNA) 2015

      I presented this work at CPSNA 2015.

POET: A Portable Approach to Minimizing Energy Under Soft Real-time Constraints [doi]

Connor Imes, David H. K. Kim, Martina Maggio, and Henry Hoffmann
Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (RTAS) 2015

      You can find POET here.

Minimizing Energy Under Performance Constraints on Embedded Platforms: Resource Allocation Heuristics for Homogeneous and Single-ISA Heterogeneous Multi-Cores [doi, pdf, ACM]

Connor Imes and Henry Hoffmann
Embedded Operating Systems Workshop (EWiLi) 2014 [SIGBED Review, December 2014]

Teaching & Mentoring


CMSC-15200: Introduction to Computer Science II

Summer 2016

Teaching Assistantships

CMSC-15200: Introduction to Computer Science II

Winter 2015 - Adam Shaw

MPCS-50101: Immersion Programming

Summer 2014 - Adam Shaw

CMSC-15400: Intro to Computer Systems

Spring 2014 - Profs. Gordon Kindlmann, Haryadi Gunawi, Henry Hoffmann

CMSC-23400: Mobile Computing

Winter 2014 - Prof. Andrew Chien

MPCS-51200: Introduction to Software Engineering

Fall 2013 - Peter Vassilatos


USC Viterbi Student-Alumni Mentoring Program (VSAMP)

2015 - Present

Multicultural Graduate Community Mentoring Program

2014 - 2015

Work Experience

Research Intern at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

June 2017 - September 2017

At the Computational Research Division, continued work on power/energy awareness in High Performance Computing (HPC). Primarily focused on my dissertation research on maximizing energy efficiency in HPC systems. Other power/energy-related projects were also explored.

Research Assistant at Mozilla Corporation

June 2015 - September 2015

At Mozilla Research, instrumented the experimental Servo web browser at a fine-grained level to better understand the timing and energy behavior of its components and workloads. Servo is targeted for mobile devices, multi-core systems, and high-performance GPUs. Future work is to apply power/energy saving techniques. Read more about the work here.

Software Engineer Sr. at Lockheed Martin Corp.

August 2008 - August 2013

Extensive experience with software design, implementation, and testing for both fielded systems and research projects. Work included regular interaction with customers, contractors, foreign representatives, and uniformed personnel. Additionally, it involved domestic and international travel for test events, military exercises, conferences, support, and demonstrations.

Ubuntu Member and Volunteer Contributor

May 2007 - Present

Prior activities include: Forums Staff, Core Documentation Team, Wiki Administrator, Bug Control Team, Beginners Team, Local Community (LoCo) and Linux User Group (LUG) meetings.

Webmaster at Mirror Images Ltd.

September 2006 - June 2010

Built and maintained a website for a small film production company.


University of Chicago

Ph.D., Computer Science, June 2018

Dissertation: "Balancing Performance and Energy in Computing Systems" [pdf]
Committee: Professor Henry Hoffmann, Professor Shan Lu, Dr. Steven Hofmeyr

M.S., Computer Science, June 2015

Thesis: "Managing Diversity in Performance and Energy Characteristics on Embedded Systems" [pdf]

University of Southern California

B.S., Computer Engineering and Computer Science, May 2008

Senior Design Project: Runway Safety / Runway Incursions Challenge FAA Design Competition for Universities

Awards & Recognitions

UU Fellowship

Department of Computer Science, University of Chicago, Spring 2015

Best Paper Award

The 4th Embedded Operating Systems Workshop (EWiLi), 2014

Certificate of Appreciation

Chairman - Programme Management Group, Multilateral Interoperability Programme, 2013

Certificate of Appreciation

Product Manager, Strategic Mission Command, U.S. Army, 2012

SPOT Award

Lockheed Martin, 2010

Certificate of Achievement

Lockheed Martin IS&GS-Defense, 2010

Certificate of Appreciation

Product Manager, Tactical Battle Command, U.S. Army, 2010

Honorable Mention Award

Federal Aviation Administration, 2008