ECON 23040/CMSC 23280 Cryptocurrencies
Winter 2019, Weeks 1-5

Lectures: Mon Weds 2-3:20p Saieh 021

Instructors: David Cash, Harald Uhlig, Ben Y. Zhao

Course info: Weeks 1-5 Syllabus
Course discussion: Piazza

topic reading
#01 Mon 1/7 Introduction; Digital Signatures and Past Cryptocurrencies NBFMG Foreword, 1.3-1.4; Optional: [Nakamoto], [NYTimes 1994], [Chaum]
#02 Weds 1/9 Hash Functions, Proofs of Work, Blockchains and Decentralization NBFMG 1.1-1.2, 1.5, 2.1-2.3.
#03 Mon 1/14 Proofs of Work and Bitcoin Protocols NBFMG 2.4-2.5, 3.1-3.6; [Bonneau et al, Sections I-III]
#04 Weds 1/16 Anonymity and Cryptocurrencies (guest lecture by Emily Willson) NBFMG 6.1-6.5; [Meiklejohn et al, Sections 1-2], [Kappos et al, Sections 1-4]. Optional: [Ben-Sasson et al.], [Yousaf et al], [Alonso]
--- Mon 1/21 No lecture (MLK day)
#05 Weds 1/23 Bitcoin Mining and Attacks NBFMG 5.1-5.5; [Eyer and Sirer Paper], [Eyal and Sirer Blog Post], [Douceur], [Heilman et al.]. Optional: [Eyal], [Yu et al.] [Wang et al.]