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Zimbabwe / South Africa

  • 4 July 2004 : Cara Black wins Wimbledon Doubles... twice!
  • South African slang, more slang "Aita brah!"
  • Zimbabweans win 2001 US Open Doubles!
  • Weird Zimbabwean names : Great books :
  • Is travelling in South Africa dangerous? :

    For Graduate Students

  • Making your thesis presentation interesting
  • Advice for giving good presentations
  • The Rules of Optimization
  • Advice for a young researcher
  • :
  • National Association for Graduate and PRofessional Students :
  • What every graduate student should know :
  • Advice for science grad students
  • Association for Support of Grad Students
  • some funding stuff
  • Chronicle of Higher Education
  • TCHES jobs
  • Advice to young researchers from Kenneth Lange (aimed at young mathematical biologists, but doesn't have to be)
  • Freeman Dyson doesn't like the PhD system
  • Why you should NOT get a PhD
  • Eliminating PhD stereotypes

    For Geeks

  • LinuxCompatible
  • MadPenguin
  • SLCentral
  • Generation 5
  • /.
  • The Register Motivating programmers : Bill Gates, on the poor
  • Project Mentifex (mindmaker)
  • Five in a Row
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Ananova
  • SubDue
  • Brain mapping
  • NASA crater classification
  • Get your robotics stuff here!
  • The human face
  • Bongo's quotes
  • Speech recognition software
  • Myths of Cognitive Science
  • Feature detection
  • Computational Approaches to Relating Consonant and Sentence Recognition Test Scores
  • Data mining clustering algorithms
  • Spoken Language Techs Today + commercial links
  • David Lewis
  • SVM Light
  • speech links
  • MDL phoneme analysis
  • SVM applications Debunking the Myth of a Desperate Software Labor Shortage :
  • Word formation

    Only for Professional Procrastinators

    (This does not imply that geeks cannot be professional procrastinators.)

  • The SSA does a great service to those who want data to analyze, by publishing detailed info for baby names! Includes top 1000 names for each decade of the 20th century). Also see their 1000 most popular names of 2001 (it's supposed to be from them, but I can't find it on their site in a single document) and the US Census Dept's info on surnames. Turns out that Smith is really the most common surname in the USA, followed by Johnson, Williams, Jones, Brown, Davis, Miller, Wilson, Moore and Taylor. Wonder what the 10 most popular in the UK are...
  • International Journal of Humor Resarch Knock it not, it's a serious journal.
  • Asciimation's Star Wars "A New Hope" done entirely in ascii.

    Ungetdowntoable online courses: Scientific Computing (Indiana): Control theory book Phonology course info theory course Parallel Algorithms : unix course :

    Essays: The big bad bookstore? : Flying elephants need big ears a.k.a. the Dumbo Hypothesis :

    Exciting and world-shaking discoveries

    The cleaning lady in Ryerson Hall has never failed to arrive in the building at 5am for 19 days of the last 90 except when she once arrived at 4.55. (Update: she's now moved to Arizona. We look forward to seeing all the dust sept out from that in that state.)

    When statements like "temp.insert(make_pair(it->second->count,it->first));" and "oldword->goesto.insert(make_pair(newtoken,oldweight));" and "for (int i=0; i!=n; i++) toreturn+=(tmp[i]=data[rand()%data.size()]);" start becoming commonplace in one's C++ code, is that a good sign or bad?

    After being woken up from REM sleep by a mouse crawling in the dustbin, it is not possible to concentrate on reading C while walking around in circles.

    Six shots of espresso with two almond shots costs $4.25. This is unfair -- where's the discount for buying in bulk?

    it is possible to recover from a viewing of the Exorcist with a doppio and packaged food.

    The mouse in our office still lives! (UPDATE: I threw it out.)

    Before sleeping, it is highly recommended that you remove any packets of chocolate that happen to remain in your pockets. (I have since got a new pair of jeans.)

    Under sufficient time pressure, grading becomes a random process.

    We may complain about living in hell, but it sure beats the boredom of heaven.

    What did you bring that book I didn't want to be read to out of about Down Under up for? --- anon, possibly an anon kid, probably an anon wordsmith