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Nominations for the Best Software Essays of 2004

Sergey Brin's Stanford homepage. I like the part where he just says "Research on the Web seems to be fashionable these days and I guess I'm no exception. Recently I have been working on the Google search engine with Larry Page." (!!)

Personality Type and Software Development , by Ian Barnes of the ANU.

Personality and Type Considerations for Programming Teams... (html) ... I like Table 1 showing how programmer's Myers-Briggs personalities are different from that of the general population! I like this table so much I'm reproducing it below. (Note: I'm ISFP, though I can switch from F->T when there's an adrenaline rush due to anger or, less effectively, a deadline. I can also simulate extroversion, depending on the company.)

Myers-Briggs Personality Distributions for Programmers and Other Humans (from Gifford, Henry, & Schoenhoff
Programmers General Population
Intro/Extroversion 64 / 36 25 / 75
Intuitive/Sensing 35 / 65 25 / 75
Feeling/Thinking 39 / 61 50 / 50
Perceptive/Judgemental 28 / 72 50 / 50

Matt Curtis' comment on hackers being INT*, links to an article by McConnell on a site that I can't link to directly.

How to infer personality from code.... We are optimistic about cynicism...

GooOS, the Google Operating System, by Jason Kottke

What Google is up to, by Rich Skrenta

How management's ignoring of engineers helped screw up the British Rail System (also see part two of the same story) The ideologue: John Edmonds: The Railtrack chief executive who led the company to privatisation. "He was the one who got rid of operations managers and engineers because he didn't believe in them. He thought it could all be contracted out and commercialised. He believed there was a golden panacea in the private world where you just free people up and new technology comes in and the markets come in and it all happens," said a senior rail manager.

Lapland's connected society

How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet, by Douglas Adams

Germany 1, Microsoft 0

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