The CANON Lab (through the EPiQC project and Q2Work project) is hiring two professionals for quantum computing development!

We have efforts using a variety of modalities, including teaching through zines, hands-on activities, games, and an edX MOOC course, all aimed at audiences who have not pursued technical degrees (either because they are K-12 or are adults in other fields). Our goal is to not only produce these materials but to use them in rigorous studies to better understand how people learn about the QIS key concepts and what are effective modes of instruction.

In addition, our Q2Work project is taking the K-12 QIS Key Concepts identified in April and pushing them forward such that they can be of use to curriculum developers and K-12 teachers. This involves writing supporting documents, planning workshops, and synthesizing text written at workshops.

Post-doc: We are looking for a post-doc who is interested in doing research, instructional development, and workshop planning specializing in quantum computing education. If you have expertise in quantum computing and want a QC career related to science communication or education, this is an excellent choice. To apply, send a CV as well as a maximum of 3 pages describing your career goals, the relationship between this opportunity and your career goals, your background related to quantum computing, and your background related to science communication and/or education.

School development specialist: We are looking for someone who has formal quantum computing experience (has taken at least one course and a project or has taken at least two courses) and educational experience (not necessarily in QC) who would develop instructional materials (of various types, as described above) and deliver those to broad audiences as well as assist in workshop planning and implementation. To get more details and apply, go to this link.