1. [February 2018] NSF awards Quantum Computing Expeditions to UChicago
  2. [December 2017] CANON Research Lab highlighted in UChicago news
  3. [August 2017] Best Paper Award at ICER 2017
  4. [August 2017] New $2.5M grant from the National Science Foundation: LTEC (Learning Trajectories for Everyday Computing): Developing and researching 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade instructional units for fractions + CT.
  5. [April 2017] New $500K grant from the National Science Foundation: Comprehending Code: analyzing relationships between coding and reading comprehension to develop strategies to help struggling learners. 3 years, $500K.
  6. [March 2017] 3 papers at SIGCSE! an analysis of learning goals from research literature, analysis of 4th, 5th, and 6th grade work and implications for age-appropriate computing concepts, and insight into how a computing curriculum affects impressions of CS.
  7. [March 2016] Paper on the relationship between initialization in imperative languages and Scratch, a visual block-based language, and what that means for transitioning from Scratch to C, C++, or Java.
  8. [March 2016] Paper on our use of Universal Design for Learning, in our curriculum and learning environment, as well as accommodations, and modifications by teachers in the classrooms.
  9. [Feb 2016] DEPICT in the news! Our research project made the local Santa Barbara news for our CS for All work in elementary schools.
  10. [June 2015] Paper on how 4th grade students use programming constructs to provide interfaces for users with no explicit instruction presented at IDC (Interaction Design and Children).