Dustin J. Mitchell



I'm a member of the TaskCluster team at Mozilla, having also worked on the Release Engineering, Release Operations, and Infrstructure teams.

I am a homebrewer — my basement is the Tipsy Cat Brewery. I also run the annual Knickerbocker Battle of the Brews.

In the winters I curl at the Schenectady Curling Club.

I am a mentor for Google Summer of Code and Outreachy.


I was brewmaster general of the Albany Brew Crafters homebrew club.

I hacked on Amanda with Zmanda, Inc., and among many other things I wrote Amanda's interface to Amazon's S3.

I was the maintainer for Buildbot. Now I just run the weekly meetings.

I was the Data Lead for the Illinois branch of Organizing for America.

I was the System Administrator at Juju, Inc.

I was the system administrator and part-time teacher at YWLCS.

I got my South Carolina teaching certificate through the "Critical Needs" alternative-certification program. My teaching includes college and K12 experience.

I was the head developer for EnterTrack, the artifact tracking system. This was how I learned to hate PHP.

I worked on Teyjus, a lambdaProlog compiler, under Gopalan Nadathur.

I worked on SWIG, under Dave Beazley's watchful eye.

I designed and implemented the University's Computer Science Department's web page way back in 2000, before there were fancy things like web frameworks. The system was in use for over a decade!