ECS 203 Novel Computing Technologies


Here's a link to last year's class and discussion topics.

Time: TR 12:10-1:30
Units: 4
Room: 127 Wellman
Prerequisites: 201A
Prof. Fred Chong; office hours by appointment; Eng II 3031
Dean Copsey; office hours by appointment; Eng II 2239
Textbook: Quantum Computation and Quantum Information, Michael Nielsen and Isaac Chuang, Cambridge Press, 2000.


  • Project Drafts due 11/20/03
  • Project final papers due 12/4/03


  • Labs 15%
  • Problem Sets 15%
  • Discussion Topic 20%
  • Project Proposals and Drafts 15%
  • Project Final Report 35%


  • Lab 1: Due Oct 23rd. (html)
  • Lab 2: Due Nov 20th. (html)

    Discussion Information

  • Assign a paper for the class to read, one week before your discussion day.
  • Make up a short question/study guide based upon that paper and make it available one week before the discussion day. (You can find samples of this from the 250C class).
  • Present the paper and supplemental material on your assigned day. Lead discussion, with our help, on the subject.

    Project Information

    Here's a link to last year's class and topics.

    Here is an example project paper. The project has two goals:

  • A critique of 3-5 related research papers. This is not a book report. Do not just summarize what is in the papers. Point out shortcomings and possible areas for extension.
  • Extension of the area. Address shortcomings or extend the work in the papers. Come up with some ideas and test them with a short project. This can be in the form of some simple analysis, simulations, algorithms, or models. Remember to pick something that will fit in a quarter.


  • Lecture (Thu 9/25/03): Project topics, technology overview, quantum computing introduction

  • Lecture (Tue 9/30/03): Quantum technologies
  • Lecture (Thu 10/2/03): Quantum gates, entanglement, teleportation
  • Lecture (Tue 10/7/03): Super-dense coding, Deutsch's algorithm

  • Lecture (Thu 10/9/03): Shor's algorithm
  • Lecture (Tue 10/14/03): Error correction
  • Lecture (Thu 10/16/03): Quantum wires and Classical control
  • Lecture (Tue 10/21/03): Quantum Cryptography - Ed Elliot
  • Lecture (Thu 10/23/03): Adiabatic Quantum Computing - Darshan Thaker
  • Discussion (Tue 10/28/03): Nanoscale Electronics - Eric Klein
  • Discussion (Thu 10/30/03): DNA computing - Tufan Demir
    Synthetic Biological Systems - Jennifer Burton
  • Discussion (Tue 11/4/03): MEMS-based optical routers - Smita Rai, Kelvin Yuk
  • Discussion (Thu 11/6/03): On-chip optical light paths - Xiao-Yan Yu

  • Veteran's Day (Tue 11/11/03): No class
  • Discussion (Thu 11/13/03): Novel display technologies - Sung Park
  • Discussion (Tue 11/18/03): Wireless sensor networks - Leo Szumel, Jason LeBrun
  • Discussion (Thu 11/20/03): Analog Computing - Jed Crandall, Erik Czernowski
  • Final Projects (Tue 11/25/03):
  • Thanksgiving (Thu 11/27/03): No Class
  • Final Projects (Tue 12/2/03):
  • Final Projects (Thu 12/4/03):

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