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Office Address: 
Ry 165, 1100 E. 58th Street,
Chicago - 60637, 
Illinois, USA

Email: gmkrishn (at)

About me

I am a graduate student here and will be finishing up this summer. I did my Integrated Masters in Mathematics  from IIT Kanpur.

Advisor: László Babai

Reading List for my Candidacy Exam Click here

Past Teaching Assignments:

  • Programming in Scheme
  • Programming  in C++
  • Data Structures using C++
  • Algorithms
  • Compilers
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Combinatorics and Probability
I also taught CMSC-10500 (Programming in Scheme) in the summer of 2004.

Other Assignments:

  • For a couple of years, I worked as a member of TechStaff (our CS Dept SysAdmin group), where I learnt a lot about System Administration and developed a Grand Unified Installer.
  • I worked as the webmaster (and still am) for the open access Journal Theory of Computing. In the process I got to write some LaTeX/TeX/BibTeX code as well as design and automate maintainance of a website.
  • Now, I am working with the ASCI FLASH code group and gaining some real world Distributed computing experience.

Areas of Interest

Theoretical Computer Science, Markov Chains, Approximation Algorithms

Write up's available on Request

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Some Math Links

Fun time

Click on this link to see my snippets (as I like to call them). These are a collection of interesting anecdotes, quotes, jokes, Obfuscated C code, and the like. I have just collected them over time.