These are a few of favourite things

Matrices, Integers, Rationals and Reals,
Polynomials and their Ideals,
Real valued functions and similiar things,
These are a few of my favourite rings.
Hypertext Protocol and Markup Languages,
Yahoo, and Lycos' Beautiful Homepages,
Archie, Veronica and other enticing things,
These are a few of my favourite links.
 Pascal Fortran and Languages formal,
Palindrome grammars and Backus Form Normal,
Post correspondence and regular things,
These are a few of my favourite strings.
The useful semiconductors devices
and capacitors of various sizes
Resistors with colorful rings
These are a few of my favourite things.

DISCLAIMER: These do not necessarily represent my attitude. Some are language/culture specific (Tamil, Hindi / Indian). Others take a dig at some class of people.  They are partially categorised.

C Obfuscate Code: Some people go out of their way to write obfuscated C programs, so that others find it difficult to understand what is going on. Click here to see some of them. If you understand how any of these programs produce their output, then please be kind enough to explain them to me.

Interesting stuff: Some things you might like to read and enjoy.

Indian stuff:  Need an Indian cultural background / understand Tamil / Hindi.

Computer related:  Anecdotes and other stuff related to computers.

Some international jokes: Jokes about a good many different communities.

Sick Jokes: Think like an idiot and you will find the solution.

Puzzles: Some puzzles. Many are straightforward. Many I do not know the solution. So if you come up with the solution of a problem, which is not straightforward, let me know.