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Haryadi (Har) Gunawi Haryadi Gunawi
    Neubauer Family Assistant Professor
    Email: [first-name] @
    Ryerson Hall 259
    1100 E. 58th Street, Chicago, IL 60637

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I am currently recruiting graduate students and uchicago undergrads.
Please contact me if you are interested in my research projects.


  • Research Groups/Areas: UCARE (research in Cloud Computing, Operating Systems, File/Storage Systems, and Distributed Systems) and UChicago Systems Group

  • Research Interests: The world's data is growing tremendously. My research helps today's data storage systems meet high performance and reliability demands. Specifically, my research group (1) builds reliable cloud storage that can manage complex hardware failures, (2) redesigns OS-level file systems to better support modern cloud software infrastructure, and (3) explores new storage technology architectures.

  • Students: Thanh Do, Tanakorn Leesatapornwongsa, Tiratat (Knot) Patana-anake, Riza Suminto, and more

  • Program Committee:
        2014: SoCC, HotCloud, HPDC, MSST
        2013: SoCC, VLDB
        2012: VLDB, MSST, NAS
        2011-2010: PDSW, DBTest

Academic Career



  1. (Full list with author names)
  2. Improving Multi-Tenant Storage Performance with I/O Sheltering [WIP and Poster @ FAST '14]
  3. The Case for Limpware-Tolerant Operating Systems [WIP @ SOSP '13]
  4. Limplock: Understanding the Impact of Limpware on Scale-Out Cloud Systems [SoCC '13]
  5. The Case for Limping-Hardware Tolerant Clouds [HotCloud '13]
  6. HARDFS: Hardening HDFS with Selective and Lightweight Versioning [FAST '13]
  7. Failure as a Service (FaaS): A Cloud Service for Large-Scale, Online Failure Drills [TR-UCB '11]
  8. PreFail: A Programmable Tool for Multiple-Failure Injection [OOPSLA '11]
  9. FATE and DESTINI: A Framework for Cloud Recovery Testing [NSDI '11] [TR]
  10. Towards Automatically Checking Thousands of Failures with Micro-specifications [HotDep '10]
  11. Impact of Disk Corruption on Open-Source DBMS [ICDE '10]
  12. Error Propagation Analysis for File Systems [PLDI '09]
  13. SQCK: A Declarative File System Checker [OSDI '08]
  14. EIO: Error Handling is Occasionally Correct [FAST '08]
  15. Improving File System Reliability with I/O Shepherding [SOSP '07]
  16. IRON File Systems [SOSP '05]
  17. Deconstructing Commodity Storage Clusters [ISCA '05]
  18. Deploying Safe User-Level Network Services with icTCP [OSDI '04]
  19. Transforming Policies into Mechanisms with Infokernel [SOSP '03]

Haryadi Gunawi Haryadi Gunawi Haryadi Gunawi ACM DDA 2009