Getting Linguistica

Linguistica 5

Linguistica 5 is the Python version of Linguistica. In its development, the focus is its Python library. This means that Linguistica 5 is callable as a Python module in other Python programs for very flexible and dynamic research work. As in previous versions of Linguistica, a graphical user interface (GUI) is provided; it is written in PyQt.

Linguistica 5.1.0 (2016)

Linguistica 5.0.0

Linguistica 4

Versions 3 and 4 of Linguistica have been built on Qt, a cross-platform application and user-interface framework, based on C++. We are rebuilding version 4 at present. You can access our code on GitHub: JohnAGoldsmith/lxa420. Linguistica 4.2.0 is a newer version growing out of the old 4.0.

Linguistica 4.0.2

Linguistica 3

Linguistica 3.2.6 for Windows (March, 2009)

Linguistica 3.2.6 for Linux (March, 2009)

Linguistica 3 for Mac (June, 2008)

Older versions of Linguistica

See the old download page.