The SML/NJ Library Suite

The SML/NJ Library Suite is a collection of libraries that are distributed as part of the Standard ML of NJ system. The following table gives an overview of these libraries:
Directory CM file Description
Util $/ Various utility modules, included collections, simple formating, ...
Controls $/ A library for managing control flags in an application.
HashCons $/ Support for implementing hash-consed data structures.
INet $/ Networking utilities; supported on both Unix and Windows systems.
Unix $/ Utilities for Unix-based operating systems.
PP $/ Pretty-printing library.
HTML $/ HTML parsing and pretty-printing library.
RegExp $/ Regular expression library.
Reactive $/ Reactive scripting library
To use one of these libraries, just include the library's CM file in the sources file for your project.

The documentation for the SML/NJ Library Suite is incomplete, but much of the Util and RegExp libraries are covered in the SML/NJ Library Manual. For documentation of Util modules not covered here, see the comments in the source files for the various signature modules (e.g., src/smlnj-lib/Util/hash-table-sig.sml).

For other components, the corresponding source directories (e.g., src/smlnj-lib/Unix) contain README files, and further documentation can be gleaned from the source files, particularly the signature files.

To assist in converting code from earlier versions of SML/NJ, there is a brief Porting Guide that lists name changes, deletions, and additions in the library relative to the 0.3beta release from 1994. This Porting Guide can also be found in the smlnj-lib source directory in the file named PORTING.

Last updated on April 15, 2007.
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