Picture of Joshua A. Grochow Joshua A. Grochow
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Department of Computer Science
The University of Toronto

Office: Sanford-Fleming, 2303D
Office phone: (416)-978-3966
Email: [first initial][lastname]@cs.toronto.edu

About Me

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher in Computer Science at The University of Toronto, where I am a member of the Theory Group. My research lies at the intersection of theoretical computer science and mathematics (particularly algebraic geometry, representation theory, and group theory). In addition, I am interested in theoretical physics, as well as applications of these abstract topics to more worldly pursuits, such as biology, energy, and the environment.

I am on the job market this year! Check out my CV and one of my research statements: CS Research Statement or Math Research Statement. The two statements describe essentially the same research, but are aimed at different audiences with different backgrounds, interests, and motivations.

What's new

(Apr 14, 2014) New paper posted: Circuit complexity, proof complexity, and polynomial identity testing (joint with Toniann Pitassi)

(Feb 5, 2014) One paper accepted in IMRN, and two papers accepted to CCC 2014.

(Feb 17-20, 2014) Visited IAS and Rutgers to give two talks on these two papers.

(Dec 4-6, 2013) Visited Penn State to give talks on these two papers in the Math and CS Depts., respectively.

(Sep 6, 2013) Posted Algorithms for group isomorphism via group extensions and cohomology (joint with Youming Qiao)

(Aug 13, 2013) Posted Rotor-routing and spanning trees on planar graphs (joint with Melody Chan and Thomas Church)

(Apr 23, 2013) Posted Unifying and generalizing known lower bounds via geometric complexity theory