Research Interests

My primary research interests involve getting a cushy research assistantship. This primary goal aside, I also like thinking about the following (in no particular order and with no deference given to other taxonomies of computer science):
  • Programming Languages
    • Parsers
      • Grammar and Computational Linguistics
    • Semantics and Formalisms
    • Compilers and Optimization
    • Program Modelling
    • Virtual Machines
    • Machine (Applied Computational) Models
    • Digital Logic Synthesis
    • Domain Specific Languages
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Applications of "Classical" Artificial Intelligence
      • Expert Systems
      • Neural Networks
      • Inference and Heuristic Searches on State Spaces
    • Artificial Life
      • Cellular Automata
      • Classifier Systems (Ordinary and Fuzzy)
        More specifically, I want to play with the simulations that have traditionally been used to test and evaluate classifier systems, such as FIXME.
      • The Genetic Algorithm
    • Machine Learning
      • Self Modifying Systems
        Single agency
      • Self Organizing Systems
        Multiple agents
      • Grammar Acquisition
    • Knowledge Representation
      • Ontology and Taxonomy
      • Knowledge Base Construction
        or perhaps just plain old Databases
      • Document Classification and "Comprehension"
      • The Semantic Web
  • Software Engineering
    • Object Modelling
      • Modelling Tools
      • Modelling Languages (UML)
      • Object Modelling Methodology
      • (Patterns and Pattern Languages)
    • Reverse Engineering
      This is in reference to whitebox analysis, mentioned above as "Programming Languages: Program Modelling".
      • Object Model Generation
      • Application Binary Interface (ABI) Level Integration
        as opposed to middleware solutions
      • Unit Test Generation
    • Automated Testing
    • Software Component Interfaces
      • Application Binary Interfaces
      • Middleware (COM, CORBA)
      • HTTP/B2B (SOAP, XML-RPC, etc..)
    • The Development Process
      • Rapid Application Prototyping/Development
  • Simulation and Visualization
    • Computer Graphics
    • Rigid Body Dynamics
  • Informatics (Information Theory)
    • Anticryptography
    • Algorithmic Information Theory
    • Compression, Entropy and Fractals
    • Bioinformatics
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