CMSC 10200 Lab — Spring 2006
Lab Assignment 1

Goal of Lab1

The goal of this first lab is to acquaint you with the basic resources you will need in this class. The labs will be conducted on the Linux machines in the Mac lab, so it is imperative you have a basic knowledge of the the KDE window environment and use of the Unix commandline. All programming will be done with the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE), so you will need to acquaint yourself with this tool as well. This lab will help get you started.

Steps for Completing Lab1

There are four sections to the lab. Everyone must complete part 3!! The tutorials should be completed in order (the last tutorial is optional.)

  1. Introduction to the KDE Desktop: This will introduce you to the basic tools this Linux window environment provides (browser, terminal, etc.).
  2. Introduction to Unix: This will introduce you to the commandline arguments for Unix you will need to complete this lab. The main task is to create a directory cs102 for your lab assignments.
  3. Introduction to Eclipse: You must complete this tutorial and submit. This will introduce you to the essential features of Eclipse, by creating a Java program.
  4. Working at Home: Resources for working on your home machine.


This lab is due Sunday at 11:59pm. The submission instructions are found in the Eclipse tutorial (step 3 above.)

Kenneth Harris