CMSC 10200 — Lab Policy

Times and Location

The lab time and location is:

Thurs, 4:30-5:50
Linux Lab, Regenstein Basement A
Attendance in the lab is mandatory to recieve credit.

Evaluation Guidelines

I will try to return the lab evaluation on the following lab. The evaluation will be based upon several criteria

  1. Program correctness.
  2. Program style. See Style Guidlines and choose one guide to follow.
  3. Compilation. Your program must compile without warnings!!
The number of points for each lab will vary depending on the level of difficulty and length of the assignment.


Submission must be made from the Linux cluster: enter your lab directory for the assignment, and enter the command:


and follow the instructions. You may submit as many times as you before the time limit, I will evaluate your last submission before the time limit.

You may also send copies of the lab assignment to yourself using the command


Follow the instructions and you will recieve a copy of the lab directory via email, as an attachment. Directions for unpackaging the file will be found in the body of the message.

Kenneth Harris