Caroline J. Klivans

I have moved to Brown University.

Research Interests

Algebraic, Geometric, and Topological Combinatorics: simplicial complexes, matroids,
oriented matroids, polytopes, graph theory, shifting, combinatorial Laplacians, CD manifolds, phylogenetic trees, hyperplane arrangements.

Papers cv


Spring 2011: Graph Theory

Previous Teaching

Upcoming events

Banff Workshop: Algebraic Combinatorixx May 2011
FPSAC 2011: FPSAC June 2011
MAA Mathfest: Polyhedra are everywhere! August 2011

Previous Affiliations

MIT, Graduate student, 1999-2003.
MSRI, Postdoctoral fellow, special semester on discrete and computational geometry, fall 2003.
Cornell University, Instructor, computing and information sciences, spring 2004.
UChicago, L.E. Dickson Instructor, 2004-2008.
Cornell University Visiting scholar, 2009-2010.
UChicago, Research scholar, 2008-2011.

Association for Women in Mathematics - University of Chicago Student Chapter
The University of Chicago Women in the Physical Sciences