Lab Policy and Goals

The goal of these labs is to teach you to use several UNIX tools. You will get the most value out of these labs if you attempt to use the tools to solve the problems at hand - getting good with these tools now will save you many hours in your future software development!

Unless otherwise stated in exercises, the lab code will be automatically copied into your personal gforge project. You should edit it there and check in. The files checked into your directory as of the time that your lab session ends is your submission.

You are free to work either alone or in pairs. If you work in a pair, BOTH names must be listed in the readme.txt file you submit.


All of the labs together account for 10% of your grade. Grades for each lab will be one of the following:

The bonus problems are intentionally difficult, and should prove a challenge to complete within the time limit even to those of you very familiar with the tools.


Week Date Activity
1 March 30st Lab 1 (SVN + make - source code control and build systems)
2 April 6th No Lab - Come in for hacking help!
3 April 13th Lab 2 (GDB - debugging)
4 April 20nd No Lab - Come in for hacking help!
5 April 27th Test 1 (Location TBD)
6 May 4th No Lab - Come in for hacking help!
7 May 11th Lab 3 (GPROF - profiling)
8 May 18th No Lab - Come in for hacking help!
9 May 25th Lab 4 (Debugging concurrent programs)
10 June 1rd No Lab - Come in for hacking help!
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