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Michael J. O'Donnell (Mike)

The Citizen

Public Service Software Team


Well, so far PSST is nothing but institutional vaporware with a very low partial pressure. Or, maybe I should call it "wishfulthinkingware." The "Team" is obsolete (but the members remain productive members of society). Maybe someday somebody somewhere will just do it somehow.


The Public Service Software Team contributes to the construction of cyberspace, primarily by designing, creating, supporting, and distributing free computer software. We seize opportunities to promote civilized behavior, responsible personal liberty, and the broadest possible access to information and computing.


None so far.


a Graphical user interface for the Loris library of sound analysis, manipulation, and synthesis functions (Susanne Lefvert).

Team and alumni


Back in 1997, I wrote a proposal for the PSST. It sat around for years. In 2002, Robin Miller wrote an editorial for NewsForge giving the ``Public Service'' phrase a slightly different turn, and attracting a bit of attention to the PSST proposal. The same week, Sam TH proposed a college course at U Chicago giving credit for contributions to free software projects. So I decided to stop calling PSST a ``proposal,'' and start calling it a ``team.''

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