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Copyright Statement

Some materials accessible through my Web documents may have copyright reserved by other owners. It is your responsibility to notice and abide by all appropriate copyright restrictions.

Unless otherwise noted, I hold copyright in all materials created by me, and allow general use under the following copyleft licenses:

Don't forget fair use, which applies to all copyright materials. I am a strong supporter of liberal interpretations of fair use. I will not sue you for a good faith application of fair use to my copyright materials.


Hey, I'm sporadically anal-retentive, but I'm a reasonable guy. I couldn't help writing all that junk above, but I hate to read it, and sympathize with other readers. Don't be evil. If you use my work for good, I'll cheer. Please let me (michael_odonnell@acm.org) know if you use my work, or enjoy it, or even find it annoying enough to be worth mentioning.

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