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Last modified: Thu Jun 6 11:21:37 1996

These course evaluations are copied by the instructor from various issues of Student Course Evaluations, written by the Student Advisory Committee of the Dean of the College of the University of Chicago. The only deliberate change was the correction of obvious spelling errors. The evaluations are in reverse chronological order.

Autumn 1995
Students Registered: 9 --- Evaluations Returned: 9

Student response to this course was mixed. Though all students found the subject matter extremely interesting, there was a virtual consensus that the course simply required too great of a time commitment. On average, students said they spent about 20 hours a week on the course, and one claimed to have spent an improbable 40 hours a week!

Assignments consisted of 2 small written assignments, which all deemed worthless, and 3 large programming projects (45%). These projects drew fire for their size and complexity, though most found them interesting. In addition, there was a three-hour final exam (50%). The additional 5% of the grade consisted of class participation

This was Mr. O'Donnell's first time teaching the course, and though many claimed that it showed, all but a few were satisfied with his teaching style and presentation of the material. Everyone, including Mr. O'Donnell, agreed that William Stallings' Operating Systems, the only text for the course, was a horrendous book of little value. Mr. O'Donnell says he will find a better book for future years.