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Com Sci 230/330
Operating Systems

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    Catalog Description

    Com Sci 220 and Com Sci 222.

    This course covers basic concepts of operating systems. Among the topics discussed are the notion of a process, interprocess communication and synchronization, main memory allocation, segmentation, paging, virtual memory linking and loading, scheduling, file systems, and security and privacy. This course is currently being taught using the NACHOS simulated operating system, written in C++. Students will extend and modify NACHOS in three or four large programming projects.

    Required Text
    Operating Sytem Concepts, 5th edition, by Abraham Silberschatz and Peter B. Galvin, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1 November 1997, ISBN 0-20159-113-8.

    Instead of going to the bookstore, you may wish to order the text from Book Pool ($41.50, the cheapest that I've found so far), Barnes & Noble online ($45.75), Amazon ($59.13), or other book vendors.

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