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Last modified: Thu Jun 6 11:26:08 1996

These course evaluations are copied by the instructor from various issues of Student Course Evaluations, written by the Student Advisory Committee of the Dean of the College of the University of Chicago. The only deliberate change was the correction of obvious spelling errors. The evaluations are in reverse chronological order.

Winter 1996
Students Registered: 2 --- Evaluations Returned: 2

Advanced Operating Systems, ComSci 231/331, had two undergraduates in it as well as the four graduate students, exploring advanced topics after the operating systems course 230/330. It was heavily discussion-oriented; students read current research reports and journal articles and discussed them in class, and each student gave an hour presentation. Participation and presentation counted for half the grade, two substantial programming projects for the other half. Both the students and the teacher were very happy with the way the class turned out; though Mr. O'Donnell was sometimes as unfamiliar with the material as the students, the cooperative dissection of a state-of-the-art system was a great success. Both students recommended this course for a more in-depth look at modern operating systems; Mr. O'Donnell stated that he will give the course again if students in ComSci 230/330 show interest.