Com Sci 501
System Administration in Linux

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Course Schedule

The first part of the course is organized around the installation of a fully useful Linux system.
Date Discussion Demonstration Project Assignment
29 September Working in UNIX through an interactive shell (Linux and UNIX are essentially the same at this level) Sample work session under X Windows, with a substantial subsession in the shell
Practice shell interaction by dialing in to a U. Chicago UNIX machine, or by working in a terminal window on an SGI machine in the CS Dep't. Instructional Labs.
Create a precise inventory of hardware on the system that you will use for Linux projects.
Make a plan to preserve your Windows system and data when you install Linux.
6 October
Continue shell discussion from 29 Sept.
Levels & structure in OS
Continue shell demo from 29 Sept.
Install Linux
Backup Windows
Install Linux
13 October
Effective communication of technical problems.
Finish shell discussion from 29 Sept.
Editing & version control
Finish shell demo from 29 Sept.
Install & configure XFree
Start personal sys admin diary
Install & configure XFree
The remainder of the course is organized around topics and activities in system administration. The conceptual discussions are not particularly co-ordinated with the how-tos and the project work.
Date Concept How-to Project Assignment
20 October The Linux directory tree. Programming shell scripts Install & configure network connection with PPP
27 October Storage media & file systems Manage user accounts Catch up with Debian, XFree, PPP
3 November Finish storage media & file systems Install & compile RasMol from source distribution Install & compile RasMol or your choice
10 November
Virtual memory
Booting & logging in
Start networking
Configure mgetty for dialin Configure mgetty for dialin
17 November Finish networking
Configure network
Configure LILO on diskette
Configure LILO on diskette
24 November Multiprocessing Recompile custom kernel Recompile custom kernel
1 December Security
System and network attacks
Catch up

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