Com Sci 501
System Administration in Linux

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Grading Policy

This grading policy is a draft, and may be modified.

There will be no exams for Com Sci 501. Your grade will be determined by how much you accomplish. The following list shows what to do for each letter grade. The task lists are cumulative.

Do nothing and forget to drop the course (don't do this one).
Demonstrate ability to work in a UNIX shell, using advanced features sensibly. Show that you tried to install Linux (don't do this one either).
Perform the tasks for a D. In addition, demonstrate a successful installation of Linux on your own machine, with X Windows and networking.
Perform the tasks for a C. In addition, contribute intelligently to the written class discussion on HyperNews.
Perform the tasks for a B. Do an additional independent project of your own choosing. Possibilities include packaging alien UNIX software for Debian Linux, running an interesting server, writing useful documentation, automating an annoying administrative task with clever shell scripts. To earn the A, you should negotiate a project with me before 10 November.

To evaluate your work, I will schedule private meetings at which you will demonstrate your Linux system, and other interesting accomplishments, over a network connection. So, the network configuration part of the project is particularly crucial.

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