Com Sci 501
System Administration in Linux

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System Components

Levels in a System

The designers and implementors of computer systems usually organize them in levels. Lower levels are more closely tied to hardware, and higher levels are more closely tied to the functions people use. Each level uses services from the level immediately below, and provides services to the level immediately above.
Levels in Linux Systems
Debian Packages and Red Hat Packages and Other UNIX Software
Character Interface (Shell)
Sh and Csh and Tcsh and Ash and Bash
and cetera
Window Manager
Twm and Ctwm and Fvwm
and cetera
Graphical Interface (GUI)
X Windows
OS Kernel
Linux Kernel or MkLinux Kernel
Boot Loader
Resident System
BIOS and Auto SCSI and PNP
Pentium or Power PC
or cetera

Outline of System Components

The following outline organizes the hardware and software components that you are most likely to encounter in Com Sci 501. Many variations are possible, though.

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