[weird picture] Flaming Phoenixes
The [] University of Chicago's Computer Programming Team
Academic year 1998-99

News Flash: Phoenixes Dozenth in Mid-Central Do

Blazing from their spring triumph at the Midwest Invitational Programming Contest, the Phoenixes entered the ACM Mid-Central USA Regional Contest on 7 November 1998. Eighty eight teams at eight sites in Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee competed to qualify for the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest in Eindhoven. Our Phoenixes solved four of the six challenging problems, earning the twelfth rank. Alas, there will be no trip to the Netherlands, but the hard-boiled Phoenixes are already hatching their plot to win in 1999.

Michael J. O'Donnell
Last modified: Tue Jun 8 09:05:30 CDT 1999