Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP)

The RFC is out!! The number is RFC2960!! You can follow a link
to it here:  The RFC

Lyndon Ong has written a nice executive summary of sctp.

The most current reference implemenation can be found below
it is based on RFC2960 and should be fully compliant!!

Yes it is finally ready.. hot off the presses!!! Updated 01/21/2001
Click here to get Latest Reference Implementation (.tgz)

This server is on a DSL link so please be patient, it may take a
while to download the implementation! The implementation has
the following characteristics using the linux version of sum
 11973     496
The  size from ls -l is
-rw-r--r--   1 randall  users      507262 Jan  21 22:17 sctprel401.tgz

Current/New drafts on:
                   Unreliable SCTP extension proposal
                   SCTP Socket API proposal
                   An extension to Add or Delete IP Addresses
                   A Stream flow limiting extension
                   For pictures from Various SCTP/Sigtran events:  The Birth of A Cookie and more

Michael Tuexen has a very nice sctp web page.

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