Pooya Hatami

Department of Computer Science
University of Chicago

E-mail: pooya at cs . uchicago . edu

I am currently a PhD student in Department of Computer Science at University of Chicago

under the supervision of Alexander Razborov and co-advised by Madhur Tulsiani.

Research Interests: Combinatorics, Additive Combinatorics, and Property Testing.

Theory Group at our department.

My Curriculum Vitae (might not be up-to-date)

Research Papers

  1.    Hamed Hatami, P. Hatami, Shachar Lovett, General systems of linear forms: equidistribution and true complexity , Submitted [ ECCC ] [ arXiv ]

  2.    Arnab Bhattacharyya, P. Hatami, Madhur Tulsiani, Algorithmic Regularity and Applications, Submitted [ arXiv ]

  3.    Hamed Hatami, P. Hatami, James Hirst, Limits of Boolean Functions on F_p^n , Manuscript [ arXiv ]

  4.    P. Hatami, Sushant Sachdeva, Madhur Tulsiani, An Arithmetic Analogue of Fox's Triangle Removal Argument , Submitted [ arXiv ]

  5.    Arnab Bhattacharyya, Eldar Fischer, Hamed Hatami, P. Hatami, Shachar Lovett, Every locally characterized affine-invariant property is testable, STOC 2013 [ ECCC ] [ arXiv ]

  6.    Joshua Brody, P. Hatami, Distance-Sensitive Property Testing Lower Bounds , Manuscript [ arXiv ]

  7.    P. Hatami, Raghav Kulkarni, Denis Pankratov, Variations on the Sensitivity Conjecture, Theory of Computing Library, Graduate Surveys Number 4 (2011) pp. 1-27 [ ToC ]

  8. Undergraduate

  9.    P. Hatami, Peter W. Shor, A lower Bound for the length of a Partial Transversal in a Latin Square , J. Comb. Theory Ser. A, Vol. 115, Issue 7 (2008) pp. 1103-1113. [ pdf ]

  10.    Hamed Hatami, P. Hatami, Perfect dominating sets in the Cartesian products of prime cycles, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, Vol. 14,(2007) N8 [ EJC ]

  11.    Saeed Akbari, Sadegh Bolouki, P. Hatami, Milad Siami, Some bounds for signed edge domination number of graphs, Discrete Mathematics. Vol. 309, Issue 3 (2009) pp. 587-594. [ arXiv ]

  12.    Babak Behsaz, P. Hatami, Measure preserving homomorphisms and independent sets in tensor graph powers, Discrete Mathematics. Vol. 309, Issue 4 (2009) pp. 955-958. [ arXiv ]

  13.    Mehdi Behzad, P. Hatami, E. S. Mahmoodian, Minimum vertex cover of generalized Petersen graphs, Bulletin of the ICA. Vol. 56 (2009) pp. 98-102.

  14.    P. Hatami, An Approximation Algorithm for the Total Covering Problem, Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory, Vol. 27, No.3 (2007) pp. 553-560. [ arXiv ]

  15.    Babak Behsaz, P. Hatami, E. S. Mahmoodian, On minimum vertex covers in generalized Petersen graphs, Australasian Journal of Combinatorics, Vol. 40 (2007) pp. 253-264. [ arXiv ]


  •    P. Hatami, Lower Bounds on Testing Functions of Low Fourier Degree, Masters Paper, University of Chicago, 2013

  • TA

    I've recently started taking photos with a Fujifilm X20, here's my Photohshoot blog.