Risi Kondor

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Imre Risi Kondor
Assistant Professor
Departments of Computer Science and Statistics
The University of Chicago, Ryerson 257B
Machine Learning @ UChicago
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Research interests: machine learning and computational harmonic analysis

IMA Summer School on Modern Applications of Representation Theory (Chicago, July 21 - August 6, 2014) [link] [videos]
co-organized with Jason Morton and Lek-Heng Lim

Recent Papers

NEW: D. Pachauri, R. Kondor, G. Sargur and V. Singh: Permutation diffusion maps with application to the image association problem in computer vision (NIPS 2014) [preprint]

NEW: R. Kondor, N. Teneva and V. Garg: Multiresolution Matrix Factorization (ICML 2014) [preprint]

D. Pachauri, R. Kondor and V. Singh: Solving the multi-way matching problem by permutation synchronization (NIPS 2013) [paper]

A. P. Bartok, R. Kondor and G. Csanyi: On representing chemical environments (Phys. Rev. B 87, 2013) [PRB] [preprint]

R. Kondor, W. Dempsey: Multiresolution analysis on the symmetric group (NIPS 2012) [paper] [supplement]

All publications and selected talks

SnOB: a C++ library for computing fast Fourier transforms on the symmetric group [SnOB]

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