CMSC 11710 Networks

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  • Course Mechanics

    Material for Final


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    Janos Simon
    165 Ryerson
    email: simon (at)

    Office Hours: Thursday 2-3

    Huseyin Gokalp Demirci
    Office Hours:Fri 3-4
    Nedelina Teneva
    Crear 018
    Office hours: Tue 2-3

    Midterm: Monday, May 5, in class. Final: 6/11 1:30 (scheduled by university)


    MWF 1:30-2:20
    Textbook: "Networks, Crowds and Markets" by Easley and Kleinberg

    A preprint of the text can be found here.

    Grading Grading will be based on weekly homework assignments, midterm (30%) and a final (30%).

    Course Overview

    We will study examples of where the way objects or people are interconnected may help understand they interact. We will look at mathematical models of networks and of some interactions. This is a gentle introduction to apsects of mathematical and computational modeling, as well as to algorithmic thinking and to some ideas in Economics.

    Approximate Syllabus

    This is a first draft, subject to changes depending on class preparation and interest. We may not cover all this material, and I may include other topics.