Tim Armstrong - Research Page

Software Engineer, Cloudera
Ph.D. Graduate in Computer Science, University of Chicago
Email: tim.g.armstrong@gmail.com

I'm a Software Engineer at Cloudera, working on the Impala query engine for Hadoop. I completed a Ph.D in Computer Science at the University of Chicago under Prof. Ian Foster, working on design and implementation of implicitly parallel programming languages for High-performance Computing and dabbling in various related areas. Before that I completed a Combined Bachelor of Arts/Software Engineering at the University of Melbourne.

Research Interests

My Ph.D. research focused on parallel and distributed computing, particularly programming languages for high-productivity application development.

My work at Cloudera is an opportunity to tackle many similar challenges in the context of data management and processing.

I also have an ongoing interest in evaluation and benchmarking of complex software systems. I have done some work in benchmark design for database systems, and evaluation of information retrieval effectiveness.



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Evaluation and benchmarking of software systems:

Parallel/distributed computing