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Department of Computer Science
University of Chicago
1100 E 58th Street
Chicago, IL 60637

Email: tga at The University of Chicago's domain

My Resume

Professional Bio

I'm a Ph.D candidate in Computer Science at the University of Chicago, where I've been since 2009. Prior to that I lived in Melbourne, Australia where I did a Combined Bachelors in Arts and Software Engineering at the University of Melbourne.

Research Interests

My current research focus is parallel and distributed computing, particularly programming languages for high-productivity application development.

I also have an ongoing research interest in evaluation and benchmarking of complex software systems. I have done some work in benchmark design for database systems, and evaluation of information retrieval effectiveness.

Recent Projects


Here is a list of my publications, broken down by general topic area.

My profile on other sites: DBLP Google Scholar

Evaluation and benchmarking of software systems:

Parallel/distributed computing






My advisor at the U of Chicago is Professor Ian Foster

Previously at the University of Melbourne I worked with: William Webber, Prof. Alistair Moffat, Prof. Justin Zobel.

Older Projects

SwiftR: seamless parallel computing in R for clusters and multicore

I was the lead developer on evaluatIR.org, a repository of results for the Information Retrieval research community. Researchers can upload the results of their experiments on standard IR test collections in the form of ranked lists of documents. The site performed various kinds of effectiveness evaluation and then allowed all sorts of analysis and comparison of the results. See my IR publications, particularly the CIKM 2009 paper, to put this work into context.

Other Stuff

Back in Australia I used to partipate in mountain bike orienteering - riding up and down big hills in the Australian bush while attempting to read a map. Unfortunately living in the middle of a very flat city isn't as conducive to it.