Sonjia E. Waxmonsky

I recently completed a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Chicago.

My research interests are in text mining, natural language processing, and machine learning applications.

My disseration is titled "Natural Language Processing for Named Entities with Word-internal Information", and my advisor was John Goldsmith.

I now work at LexisNexis Risk Solutions in Chicago.

Publications and reports

Sonjia Waxmonsky and Sravana Reddy. 2012. G2P Conversion of Proper Names Using Word Origin Information. To appear in Proceedings of NAACL. pdf  data

Sravana Reddy and Sonjia Waxmonsky. 2009. Substring-based Transliteration with Conditional Random Fields. In Proceedings of the ACL Named Entities Workshop. pdf

Sonjia Waxmonsky and Gina Levow. 2008. Topic Summarization for Multiparty Meetings. Presented at The Fifth Midwest Computational Linguistics Colloquium. pdf

The above is based on work from my MS thesis.

Benjamin Wellington, Sonjia Waxmonsky, and I. Dan Melamed. 2006. Empirical lower bounds on the complexity of translational equivalence. In ACL-2006.

Sonjia Waxmonsky and I. Dan Melamed. 2006. A dynamic data structure for parsing with discontinuous constituents. NYU Proteus Project Technical Report 06-001. pdf


email: wax at cs uchicago