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John Wiseman

I used to be a graduate student in the University of Chicago's Computer Science Department. My interest is in artificial intelligence, specifically in using natural language to communicate with intelligent, autonomous systems.


I am no longer a student at the University. But a kind company is giving me the opportunity to teach servile space robots to understand natural language. "Smarter is Better."

My sometimes-available web page at Neodesic has more information about what I've been doing lately.

More Fun

[Raytraced vehicle image] I've written a Braitenberg vehicle simulator. The vehicles inhabit a huge virtual plain, and through their primitive sensors and brains are able to interact with other objects on the plain (namely, scattered light bulbs and other vehicles). It satisfies my occasional connectionist urges.

I collect random bits of computer-related humor.

Don't miss the labcam, with which you can become a voyeur in the Chicago Animate Agent Laboratory. This was the first telerobotic camera on the web.

I spend my spring breaks at the Jenny Jones show, I once wrote a program to play checkers (source code available), I am easily distracted by computer graphics (warning: hundreds of KB of animated GIFs) and I think chaos game representation is kind of neat.

Java distractions.

Contact Information

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John Wiseman / wiseman@inetmi.com
July 13, 1998