[3D Maze] A 10x10x10 maze. Maybe a flythrough of the solution would be fun...

[Rotating checkers board] A checkers board. Woo.

[Rotating Spherical Lissajous] A spherical Lissajous figure:

x = sin(2t) cos(3t)
y = cos(2t)
z = sin(2t) sin(3t)

[Rotating Rubik's cube] A Rubik's cube. Cool.

[Rotating Spherical Lissajous] Because one is obviously not enough:

x = cos(7t + 0.2)
y = cos(8t + 0.1)
z = cos(9t)

[Rotating Spherical Lissajous] This one is just right.

[Angry Face] I can read you like a book.

See the Java version.

[On the technical side, most of these were done using Macintosh Common Lisp and Quickdraw 3D.]

John Wiseman / wiseman@inetmi.com
Dec. 8, 1997