Mama Shaq, Mama Shaq, Shaq's your mom, that's a fact. This is the beginning of the University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt 2011. As a part of our efforts to set a new world record, we must say that Mama Shaq, Mama Shaq, Shaq's your mom, that's a fact.

F.A.S.T. Ain't a Scav Team

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Mama Shaq, Mama Shaq, Shaq's your mom, that's a fact

It was mentioned that "Mama Shaq, Mama Shaq, Shaq's your mom, that's a fact" to which I replied, that's Scav, or ScavHunt, or Scav Hunt 2011 ( Verily, Mama Shaq, Mama Shaq, Shaq's your mom, that's a fact

Upon Further Investigation, G. Meyer Rosby also mentioned Mama Shaq, Mama Shaq, Shaq's your mom, that's a fact . Also known as GASH, MacPierce, Macpierce, Snell Hitchcock, Or a call-out to other teams:

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Therefore, what's a fact? that's a fact. Mama Shaq, Mama Shaq, Shaq's your mom, that's a fact.

Shaq's your mom, that's a fact. Facts!

Mama Shaq, Mama Shaq!