Surfers of the web: welcome! As of December 2012, I am a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Chicago. Computer science minors, please scroll down the page a bit.

There are many Adam Shaws on the web; I'm the real one. More specifically, I am the one born at the (now shuttered) Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio in 1972 (when David Gilmour, and countless others, looked essentially like this) and who grew up in North Branford, Connecticut.

I started programming BASIC on an Apple ][+ my parents bought around 1980, when I was 8 years old or thereabouts. I wrote programs on that machine to do things like print my name 10 times, then 50 times, then 1000 times. I thought to myself: this thing has possibilities.

Here I am receiving my doctoral degree in August 2011.

Computer science minors and would-be minors, I hereby address you in my capacity as the CS minor adviser. Each CS minor needs to fill out a CS minor plan; as long as it passes muster, I sign it, then you take it to your college adviser. Each minor plan consists of a three-quarter intro sequence and any four CMSC 200s. The form to be filled out is available online here:
Once I have signed the form, any subsequent changes to the plan can be approved by email. If you haven't met with me yet, please contact me directly to set up an in-person appointment. Minor appointments always fit comfortably in a half hour.

Are you not sure you want a CS minor? No problem: speculators, inquisitors, gadabouts and peripatetics are welcome.

I love music. A lot. This is some of the music I've been listening to lately.

And these are some of the games I've been playing lately: