The ML Workshop


The ML Workshop is an annual workshop organized in affiliation with the International Conference on Functional Programming ICFP). The workshop is sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) under the aegis of the ACM Special Interest Group on Programming Languages (SIGPLAN).


ML is a family of programming languages that includes dialects known as Standard ML, Objective Caml, and F#. The development of these languages has inspired a large amount of computer science research, both practical and theoretical. This workshop aims to build on previous occasions (recent instances are ML 2005 in Tallinn, Estonia, 2006 in Portland, Oregon, and 2007 in Freiburg, Germany), providing a forum to encourage discussion and research on ML and related technology. The scope of the workshop includes all aspects of the design, semantics, theory, application, implementation, and teaching of members of the ML family.

Upcoming ML Workshop

ML 2009, the 2009 ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on ML, will take place at the end of August or the beginning of September, and is co-located with ICFP 2009 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Past ML Workshops

Edinburgh 1990
Pittsburgh 1991 September 26-27, 1991, Editor: Robert Harper
San Francisco 1992 June 20-21, 1992, Workshop Chair: David MacQueen, Program Chair: Peter Lee, (proceedings published as CMU CS Tech Report CMU-CS-93-105)
Orlando 1994 June 25-26, 1994, Workshop Chair: John Reppy, Program Chair: Didier Rémy, (proceedings published as INRIA Rapport No. 2265)
Baltimore 1998 September 26, 1998, Chairs: Xavier Leroy, David MacQueen
Tallinn 2005 Workshop Chair: Matthias Blume, Program Chairs: Nick Benton, Xavier Leroy, Proceedings (ENTCS/ScienceDirect)
Stats: number of submissions: 21, number of accepted papers: 10, number of attendees: 57
Portland 2006 Chairs: Andrew Kennedy, François Pottier, Proceedings (ACM DL)
Stats: number of submissions: 17, number of accepted papers: 9, number of attendees: 60 (approx)
Freiburg 2007 Workshop Chair: Claudio Russo, Program Chair: Derek Dreyer, Proceedings (ACM DL)
Stats: number of submissions: 16, number of accepted papers: 9, number of attendees: 41
Victoria 2008 Program Chair: Eijiro Sumii, Proceedings (ACM DL)
Stats: number of submissions: 13, number of accepted papers: 9, number of attendees: 61
Edinburgh 2009 Program Chair: Andreas Rossberg

Steering Committee


The main purpose of the ML Workshop Steering Committee is to provide continuity of the workshop and to offer help and advice to the current organizer(s) of the workshop.

The responsibilities of the steering committee are:


  1. The ML Workshop Steering Committee maintains a count of 7 members. The initial Steering Committee, established late 2007, consists of the organizers and program chairs of the previous three workshops (2005, 2006, 2007)
    In the long run (i.e., after an initial period of getting settled), the Steering Committee will consist of the three previous ML Workshop Program Chairs, the current ML Workshop Program Chair, and three appointed Members-at-Large.
  2. Each year, around the date of the ML Workshop, the Steering Committee, in consultation with the SIGPLAN chair and vice chair, appoints the Program Chair for the next ML Workshop. The steering committee additionally appoints a new Member-At-Large to succeed the currently longest serving Member-At-Large. The new ML Workshop Program Chair and the newly appointed Member-At-Large then join the Steering Committee, while the longest serving former Program Chair and Member-At-Large step down.
  3. In the long run, the chair of the Steering Committee is the longest serving former Program Chair.
  4. Should there be vacancies within the Steering Committee, e.g. due to a member stepping down early, the Steering Committee appoints members to fill the vacancies and, if necessary, decides on the succession ordering.

Present Members

The present members of the Steering Committee are:

Past Members

Members who have previously served on the Steering Committee are:

Programme Committee

The Programme Committee is responsible for the technical content of the ML Workshop. The ML Workshop Program Chair, with the approval of the Steering Committee, appoints the Program Committee and leads its work.


Last update: 25 Mar 2008.