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  • [3/21] Presented at the FEniCS'18 conference Oxford University
         on Designing a compiler to visualize FEM talk abstract
  • Advisee presenting Diderot: A Domain-Specific Language for Visualizing FEniCS Functions
  • [3/12] Presented at the Dagstuhl seminar (loop optimization) in Germany
          on Rewriting with an index-based Intermediate Representation talk abstract
  • [3/5] Invited talk Washington and Lee
  • [3/2] Invited talk UMass
  • [2/28] Invited talk at Galois
  • [2/20] Invited talk at Gamma Tech
  • Paper Compiling Diderot: From Tensor Calculus to C submitted to TOMS
  • [2/12] Invited Talk at TCNJ
  • [2/9] Invited talk at Bucknell College
  • [2/5] Invited talk at Wellesley College
  • My academic "job talk" slides.
  • [1/29] Invited talk at National Renewable Energy Lab
  • Paper Rendering and Extracting Extremal Features in 3D Fields submitted to EuroVis

    Short Bio

    I am a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Chicago, in the systems group. I have the pleasure of working alongside the wonderful John Reppy and Gordon Kindlmann. I earned my PhD in Computer science at the University of Chicago in Spring 2017. I work on addressing computational needs with a new programming language, Diderot. I am interested in language design, compiler optimization, automated testing, and tools for scientific visualization.

    I have been a research intern at the Imperial College of London, and a software intern with a Chicago start-up company. I have worked as a lab teaching assistant for a range of courses at the University of Chicago. I have been awarded the GAANN fellowship and have been supported as a research assistant. Prior to entering graduate school, I earned my B.S. degree from Gettysburg College, where I graduated Cum Laude and with Honors in Physics. I currently live in Chicago and enjoy the city. In my free time I like to bike along the lake, find new interesting restaurants, travel, paint, and swim.

    The Diderot Project

    My work is in the development of Diderot, a domain-specific language for scientific visualization and image analysis.
  • A good place to start reading about the Diderot language is with our early PLDI paper and slides that describe the programming model
  • Deep details about the design, implementation, development, and testing of the language are available in my dissertation
  • Applications of the language are demonstrated with these example programs and VIS paper
  • The official (not regularly updated) website Diderot and software source code written in SML
  • For a quick summary of our more recent work check out these slides and look for furthur details described under research  

  • charisee.chiw at

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