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PhD Thesis and defence exam presentation
Linux tunning for interactive performance
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>Hello Propeller!
I completed my graduate studies in computer science at the University of Chicago under the guidance of prof. Ian Foster in the DSL group after an extraordinary European fellowship around the world! I will never crave for the rest of my life for any trips. I lived in the whole world! My work has focused on uSLA-based resource allocation for Grid-enabled resources, because "challenging uSLA issues may arise within virtual organizations (VOs) that integrate participants and resources spanning multiple several institutions." The main question I addressed was "how are local and VO uSLA discovered, interpreted, expressed, reconciled and enforced by/for/to Grid jobs in order to maximize resource consumers and providers' interests?").
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Selected Publications
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  • "A Model for Usage Policy-based Resource Allocation in Grids", C. Dumitrescu (UChicago), M. Wilde (UChicago/Argonne), I. Foster (UChicago/Argonne) - Policy-Workshop, Stockholm, 2005 ([ps|pdf])
  • "GangSim: A Simulator for Grid Scheduling Studies", C. Dumitrescu (UChicago), I. Foster (UChicago/Argonne) - CCGrid, Cardiff, 2005 ([ps|pdf])
  • "DI-GRUBER: a Distributed Approach for Grid Resource Brokering", C. Dumitrescu (UChicago), I. Raicu (UChicago), I. Foster (UChicago/Argonne) - Super-Computing, Seattle, 2005 ([ps|pdf]) - (top 6 downloaded papers)
  • "The Design, Usage, and Performance of GRUBER: A Grid Usage Service Level Agreement based BrokERing Infrastructure", C. Dumitrescu, I. Raicu, I. Foster - Journal of Grid Computing ([online|pdf])
  • Research Projects
    Grid Simulation

    Large distributed Grid systems pose new challenges in job scheduling due to complex workload and system characteristics. Due to the numerous parameters that must be considered and the complex interactions that can occur between different resource allocation policies, analytical modeling of system behaviors appears impractical.
    GangSim is a tool developed for Grid scheduling studies, capable of supporting studies for controlled resource sharing based on uSLAs. The starting point of this work was an exploration of distributed monitoring systems conducted in the context of the GriPhyN/iVDGL projects. The new name, GangSim, reflects both the origins of the implementation and the fact that it can be used to simulate "gangs" of consumers and resources.
    1. GangSim: A Simulator for Grid Scheduling Studies, C. Dumitrescu, I. Foster - IEEE/CCGrid 2005, Cardiff, UK
    2. A Model for Usage Policy-based Resource Allocation in Grids, C. Dumitrescu, M. Wilde, I. Foster - IEEE/Policy Workshop 2005, Stockholm, Sweden
    Grid Resource Brokering and Management

    GRUBER is an architecture and toolkit for resource usage service level agreement (uSLA) specification and enforcement in a Grid environment. The proposed mechanism allows resources at individual sites to be shared among multiple user communities. Even more, maintaining a single unified uSLA management decision point over hundreds to thousands of jobs and sites can become a bottleneck in terms of reliability as well as performance. DI-GRUBER, an extension of GRUBER brokering framework, was developed as a distributed Grid uSLA-based resource broker that allows multiple decision points to coexist and cooperate in real-time.
    1. GRUBER: A Grid Resource uSLA-based Broker, C. Dumitrescu, I. Foster - EuroPar 2005, Lisbon, Portugal ([ps|pdf])
    2. DI-GRUBER: a Distributed Approach to Grid Resource Brokering, C. Dumitrescu, I. Raicu, I. Foster - SC05, Seattle, WA ([ps|pdf])
    3. Problems for Resource Brokering in Large and Dynamic Grid Environments, C. Dumitrescu - EuroPar 2006, Dresden, Germany [ps|pdf])
    4. The Design, Usage, and Performance of GRUBER: A Grid Usage Service Level Agreement based BrokERing Infrastructure, C. Dumitrescu, I. Raicu, I. Foster - Journal of Grid Computing ([online|pdf])
    FaLkon is a Fast and Light-weight tasK executiON framework. It uses (1) multi-level scheduling to separate resource acquisition from task dispatching, and (2) a streamlined dispatcher. We used FaLkon with success on TeraGRID for several application executions.
    1. Dynamic Resource Provisioning in Grid Environments, I. Raicu, C. Dumitrescu, and I. Foster - TeraGRID'07 Conference, Madison, WI (poster)
    2. FaLkon: a Fast and Light-weight tasK executiON framework, I. Raicu, Y. Zhao, C. Dumitrescu, I. Foster, and M. Wilde - SC07, Reno, NV (accepted for publication).
    3. Globus Incubator Proposal
    Grid Performance Evaluation

    The ServMark web site
    ServMark, the second phase of DiPerF, is a distributed testing, analysis, and comparison tool for Grid environments, middleware, and services. As of July 20, 2006, ServMark has been accepted as a Globus Incubator Project. A preview of ServMark's capabilities can be seen at Globus-World 2006. A first trial version of ServMark was released on October 1, 2006.
    1. Towards ServMark, an Architecture for Testing Grid Services, M. Andreica (UPB), N. Tapus (UPB), C. Dumitrescu (UMUE), A. Iosup (TUD), D. Epema (TUD), I. Raicu (UChicago), I. Foster (Argonne/UChicago), M. Ripeanu (UBC) (online TechReport, CoreGRID TR-0062, and DSL-Seminar presentation)
    2. ServMark: A Distributed Grid and Services Testing Framework - GGW slides (click_for_pdf) and with Globus-Alliance at SC06 (click_for_link)
    3. linux performance improvement: link to my blog on making a eee laptop performing acceptable
    Grid Traces

    We have recently completed the first analysis of a set of four long-term grid traces, coming from the OSG/Grid3, LCG, TeraGrid, and DAS-2 environments.
    1. A. Iosup, C. Dumitrescu, D.H.J. Epema, H. Li, L. Wolters, How are Real Grids Used? The Analysis of Four Grid Traces and Its Implications, The 7th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Grid Computing (Grid), Barcelona, September 28-29, 2006. Article, TU
Delft/PDS/2006-003, PDF [800KB] | Presentation,
Grid Traces at Grid2006, PPT [1MB] + Presentation,
Grid Traces at Grid2006, PDF [400KB].
    2. The Grid Workloads Website is now online:

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  • CS115/CS116 - Sum 2k1
  • CS117 - Spr 2k1

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