GRUBER (A Grid Resouce uSLA-based Broker)

   GRUBER is an architecture and toolkit for resource usage service level agreement (uSLA) specification and enforcement in a Grid environment. The proposed mechanism allows resources at individual sites to be shared among multiple user communities. Even more, maintaining a single unified uSLA management decision point over hundreds to thousands of jobs and sites can become a bottleneck in terms of reliability as well as performance. DI-GRUBER, an extension of GRUBER brokering framework, was developed as a distributed Grid uSLA-based resource broker that allows multiple decision points to coexist and cooperate in real-time.
   We have used GRUBER with succes for resource brokering on Grid3. Also, DI-GRUBER was tested on PlanetLab. In a schematic way the DI-GRUBER framework is presented in the next figure.

  • The GT3-based resource brokering framework is available for download here
  • The GT4-based resource brokering framework is available for download here
  • The GT4-based resource brokering framework with support for MDS rendez-vous is available for download here
  • Supporting tools (SiteMonitor, S-PEPs, QueueManager) are posted here.
  • Service S-PEP is posted here

  • Project Participants:
    • to Ian Foster, Robert Gardner, Ioan Raicu, Mike Wilde, Jens Voeckler, Kavitha Ranganathan, Luiz Meyer and Yong Zhao for suggestions and/or technical support
    • to the Grid3 project team

    Some already published design lessons, results, and conclusions are:
    • GRUBER: A Grid Resource SLA-based Broker, C. Dumitrescu, I. Foster - EuroPar 2005, Lisbon, Portugal
    • A Scalability and Performance Measurements of a Distributed Grid Resource Broker, C. Dumitrescu, I. Foster, I. Raicu - iVDGL/GriPhyN TechReport
    • DI-GRUBER: a Distributed Approach to Grid Resource Brokering, C. Dumitrescu, I. Raicu, I. Foster - SC05, Seattle, WA
    • Extending a Distributed Usage SLA Resource Broker to Support Dynamic Grid Environments, C. Dumitrescu (UChicago), I. Raicu (UChicago), I. Foster (UChicago /Argonne) - submitted to EuroSys06 ([ps|pdf ])
    • Experiences in Running Workloads over Grid3, Dumitrescu, C., Raicu, I., Foster, I. - GCC, December 2005, Beijing, China
    • A Layered Framework for Connecting Client Objectives and Resource Capabil ities - A. Dan (IBM), C. Dumitrescu (TUDelft), K. Ranganathan (IBM), M. Ripeanu (UBC), - Journal of Digital Libraries and the Cooperative Information Systems 06
    • Problems for Resource Brokering in Large and Dynamic Grid Environments, C. Dumitrescu (TUDelft) - Euro-Par 2k6, Dresden, 2006
    • Usage SLA-based Scheduling in Grids, C. Dumitrescu (TUDelft/CoreGrid Fellow), I. Raicu (UChicago), I. Foster (Argonne/UChicago), Journal of Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience (GCC05-Special Issue), 2006
    • The Design, Usage and Performance of GRUBER: A Grid uSLA-based Brokering Infrastructure, C. Dumitrescu, I. Raicu, I. Foster - Journal of Grid Computing, 2006 (accepted)

    Last Updated: 06/01/2006

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