Non-First-Author Publications

Technical Reports

All are from the University of Chicago Computer Science Department unless otherwise stated.

Non-research publications are listed on the Writing page.


Here are presentations I've been involved in. I was the one doing the talking, unless otherwise mentioned.

  • May 2005: "Automating Visualization", at the workshop "Visualization of Astrophysical Data: Bringing Together Science, Art, & Education", Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics, Chicago, IL.
  • January 2005: "3d Visualizations of Current Astrophysical Research for Public Explorations and for the Classroom". Randy Landsberg, Mark SubbaRao and Dinoj Surendran. (Presented by Randy and Mark.) Presented at the Gadgets and Gizmos workshop at the 205th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, San Diego, CA.
  • December 2004: "Partiview: A Tool to Visually Analyze the Perfomance of Dimensionality Reduction and Clustering Algorithms". Dinoj Surendran and Stuart Levy (NCSA, UIUC). Demo at NIPS 2004.
  • October 2004: "Visualizing High-dimensional datasets with Partiview". Dinoj Surendran and Stuart Levy. Joint presentation of an interactive poster at this year's Information Visualization conference in Austin, TX.
  • October 2004: "Low-cost Stereo Visualization of Astronomical and Astrophysical Data". Randy Landsberg, Dinoj Surendran, Mark SubbaRao. (Presented by Randy and Dinoj.) Demo at the 4th Annual Great Lakes Planetarium Association Conference, Detroit, MI.
  • September 2004: "Making Pretty Pictures for Machine Learning". Dinoj Surendran. Presentation at the Student Session at the Machine Learning Summer School, Berder Island, France.
  • July 2004: "Visualizing the Sloan Digital Sky Survey in 3d Stereo". Mark SubbaRao and Dinoj Surendran. Joint presentation at the Physics Education and Outreach Workshop at the Aspen Center for Physics, Aspen, CO.
  • March 2004: Cosmus: Virtual 3D Cosmology in Public Science Museums. "VR for Public Consumption" workshop at Virtual Reality 2004. Stephanie Andrews (presenter), Dinoj Surendran, Randall H. Landsberg, Eric Jojola, Leo Kadanoff, Ronen Mir, Joi Podgorny, Daniela Rosner, Mark SubbaRao.
  • March 2004: "The functional load of tone in Mandarin is as high as that of vowels". Dinoj Surendran and Gina Levow. Poster at Speech Prosody 2004. Nara, Japan.
  • November 2003. "The Quantification of Functional Load". Masters Thesis Presentation.
  • August 2003: "Quantifying the Importance of Functional Load." Dinoj Surendran and Partha Niyogi. Paper presented at the 16-th Conference for Historical Linguistics, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • March 2002. "Language does not have to evolve optimally" Dinoj Surendran and Partha Niyogi. Fourth International Conference on Language Evolution, Harvard University, Cambridge MA.

Other Documents

Here are some short papers/memos/notes I've written while investigating some problems in speech / language.

Not really research in the thesis sense of the word, just term papers. Well, I had to put them *somewhere* !

Confusion matrices

Here are several confusion matrices from psycholinguistic experiments done by other people in the past.


Some code I've written. Sorry for the documentation, or lack thereof. The Matlab code is better documented than the C++ code. I meant to clean this up before releasing it, but that never happened...

  • Matlab utilities. My other Matlab code often uses this stuff. So if you use any of my other Matlab code, put this in a place whose path is accessible by Matlab.
  • A linear SVM (Mangasarian and Musicant's Lagrangian SVM) in 500 lines of C. Not quite 11 lines of Matlab, but it doesn't use any libraries! Oh, and here's a postscript file with details.
  • PHONMAT a MATLAB class I've found invaluable for analyzing confusion matrices, etc. There is some documentation.
  • PHONVEC The 1-dimensional version of PHONMAT. Also invaluable for functional load analysis.
  • LABELS - a MATLAB class requird by PHONMAT and PHONVEC. For some documentation, go to the bottom of that for PHONMAT.
  • Functional load C++ and Matlab code (Poorly documented, and not in full generality!). With a syllable-frequency list for English (Switchboard) .
  • Matlab code for the ill-fated edge maps project (even more badly documented).

Other stuff

In the process of trying to finding a doctoral topic, I began a psycholinguistics project. Finishing it is on my List Of Things To Procrastinate, and will remain there for some time.