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Not original unless stated. This is just stuff that to my knowledge haven't been put up by anyone else.

Stuff I wrote for Zimaths many moons ago

Sci/math funnies elsewhere

  • Journal of Machine Learning Gossip. New journal whose mission statement says

    The Journal of Machine Learning Gossip will publish unoriginal, previously published non-research in machine learning and related fields, as long as we think it's funny. We won't violate other people's copyrights, however, so make sure you have permission before you send us anything. Unless it's really funny. We'll publish anything if it's funny enough.... Personal attacks and vitriolic criticism are not welcome. Diatribes can be ok (see previous paragraph).

    Check out their open problems, of which the first is "Get a paper accepted at NIPS, COLT or ICML with the word "Marxist" in the title."

    Their papers section is small but select, with "Markov Indecision Processes: A Formal Model of Decision-Making Under Extreme Confusion" and "Choosing the most appropriate data set for a fixed learning algorithm" (yeah, that's the paper with the lines "We do not know who discovered water but we're pretty sure it wasn't a fish. Not even a big fish with a latin name.")

    Don't drink anything while visiting this site.

  • PCA analysis of Supreme Court decisions. See associated NYTimes article (free subscription required)
  • Microsoft Supercomputer Discovers New Integer Between 5 and 6
  • Electron Band Structure In Germanium, My Ass
  • Reinventing the wheel
  • Proof Techniques. A fine collection. Includes Proof by Intimidation, Proof by Vigorous Handwaving, Proof by Wishful Citation, Proof by Funding, ...

    On the same topic, a nice qotd is "This is a one line proof... if we start sufficiently far to the left."

  • Does Typography Affect Proposal Assessment? Preliminary study that tells us that more research is needed to figure out what font to use when applying for funding.

    Excerpts from teaching evaluations

Ditto, for computer related stuff

Other stuff that could appeal to the suave procrastinator

  • The Acme catalogue. Yup, the one of Looney Tunes fame. The one with the correspondence school of boxing.

Collections on other sites

Of course, Sitereview can't be left out. And that's dot ORG, not dot COM.


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